Tom Lanoye

Lanoye Tom

°27th of August – +…

Born in Sint-Niklaas

Studied in Gent

Worked in Antwerp

Famous Works :

  1. Kartonnen dozen
  2. Alles moet weg
  3. Monstertriologie



Tom Emiel Geraldine Aloïs Lanoye was born on 27th August 1958 In Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

He was the youngest son of a butcher, a phrase that he uses allot in his books: “A butchers son with glasses in 1985.”. He went to the Sint-Jozef-Klein-seminarie College in Sint-Niklaas,a single-sex boy’s school. He studies at Ghent university. He was a member of the free-thinking language-loving student society named “‘t zal wel gaan”. In 1882 he edited and published a magazine which ran for four issues. He also went into politics, he was in a party against Vlaams Blok in 2000. He was Antwerp’s first ‘city poet’ in 2003. Apart from being a writer Tom is also an entrepreneur. He frequently appears on TV and radio programmes. He plays in theatres and he is for his sharp and to the point comments. Now Tom Lanoye lives in Antwerp and Cape Coast (South Africa). His literary work has been performed an published in over 10 languages.


Literary career

Tom Lanoye formed a duo with James Bordello (Peter Roose is his real name) from 1981 till 1982, they published their booklets themselves. In 1985 his prose debut was shed it was a semi-autobiographical novel: ”A butchers son with spectacles.”. Other books that he wrote included: “it all has to go” (1988), “Cardboard boxes.” (1991) was the melancholy novel and then there was the trilogy: “The divine monster”, ”Black tears” and “Spiteful tongues ”.in 1997 he made an 12-hour verse adaption of eight of Shakespeare’s history plays entitled “To War”. His performances are more like theatrical monologues than lectures. In 2009 he published his novel “Speechless”. At the request of the foundation CPNB he wrote the novel: “Clear sky” in 2012.



1992 - Humo's Golden Bookmark for Kartonnen dozen

1994 - Antwerp Province Theatre Prize for Blankenberge

1995 - Ark Prize of the Free Word for Maten en gewichten

1999 - Thalia Prize for Ten oorlog

2000 - Innovationspreis Theatertreffen Berlin for Schlachten! (Ten oorlog)

2000 - The Golden Owl Public Prize for Zwarte Tranen

2012 - The Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature five-yearly playwriting prize for Atropa. De wraak van de vrede





1989 - Gespleten en bescheten

1994 - Spek en bonen

1997 - Het goddelijke monster

2001 - Tekst & uitleg/Woorden met vleugels

2004 - Het vroegste vitriool

2006 - Het derde huwelijk

2009 - Sprakeloos




1980 - Maar nog zo goed als nieuw

1983 - De glazen klomp

1984 - In de piste

2005 - De meeste gedichten


1989 - De Canadese Muur

1991 - Blankenberge

1991 - Bij Jules en Alice

1993 - De schoonheid van een total loss

2004 - De Jossen

2005 - Fort Europa

2006 - Mefisto for ever





Tom Lanoye, 16 februari 2013 ( )



-,Tom Lanoye ontvangt vijfjaarlijkse prijs voor podiumteksten, De Morgen ,17/10/’12

-,Tom Lanoye ontvangt prijs voor podium kunsten., Het Nieuwslad, 17/10/’12