Stijn Streuvels

born 3 octobre 1871

died 15 august 1969



  • De blijde dag
  • De teleurgang van de waterhoek
  • Doodendans



Stijn Streuvels was born in Heule a small town in West Flanders. He started writing at a very young age. He was inspired by his uncle (another famous writer) Guide Gezelle. In 1905 he married Alida Staelens. They had 4 children: Paula (1906), Paul (1909), Dina (1916) and Isa (1922). In 1980 their house became a museum dedicated to Streuvels.


Awarded prizes


  • Prize of Dutch Literature 1906 for his work over the period 1900-1904
  • Prize of Dutch Literature 1911 for his work over the period 1905-1909
  • State Prize for Literature 1935
  • Prize Scriptores Catholici 1950
  • "Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren "1962 for his entire life work