- Leopold Andreas Paul Van Ostaijen

- 22 February 1896 - 18 March 1928

- Mains works:


  "Ik heb mijn venster"


  "Mark groet 's morgens de dingen"

Leopold Andreas Paul van Ostaijen


Main works:


“Ik heb mijn venster”


“Mark groet ’s morgens de dingen”


He was born in Antwerp on 22 February 1896 and died in Miavoye-Anthée on 18 March 1928.

Paul was a Belgian poet

His father is from The Netherlands (Steenbergen) and his mother is from Belgium (Rekem).

They kicked him from high school in 1913.

Paul became friends with Paul Joostens, Floris and Oscar Jespers and Jef Van Hoof.

Paul’s nickname was Mister 1830.

After he fled to Berlin, he started to write more poems.


After he came back to Belgium and opened his art gallery, he began to suffer from tuberculosis, a disease of which he died at an early age.