Jotie T’Hoofd

° 9 may 1956

+ 6 october 1977





He was born in Oudenaarde and was an only child growing up .He was a great student at school in he’s younger years . It became more difficult for him when he went to secondary school .He was expelled from some schools .it’s then that he sought safety in poetry and in drugs . he went to Gent to go university but because of the drugs he couldn’t begin he’s studies .In 1973 he made his first suicide attempt .He got married in 1974 and his father-in-law was a publisher who agreed to publish his works .He died due to an overdose of cocaine in 1977.


Literary career

Since he was young, T’Hooft was already fascinated by death, it was the thread through his life and through his works. Especially in the last work he wrote before his death. Jotie T’Hooft felt like a stranger to this world, he didn’t feel at home and he searched for different ways to escape from this world and come into his own inner world. He made that clear in all of his works, which were all very linked to death.




·         Schreeuwlandschap (1975)

·         Junkieverdriet (1976)

·         De laatste gedichten (1977)

·         Poezebeest (1978)

·         Verzamelde gedichten (1981)

·         In bossen op eenzame plekken (1995)

·         In mij is onstuitbaar de doodsbloem ontloken (1997)

·         Verzameld werk (2010)


·         Heer van de poorten (1978 - verhalen)

·         Verzameld proza (1982)