My name is Kimberly Adams. I’m 19 years old. I live in Hoeilaart it’s a small town. I’m a student of the Miniemeninstituut in Leuven. I’m in my 6th grade. I study secretariat-languages. sometimes I can be a little bit stubborn, I’m sometimes social and i can be also sweet. I love to sleep, eat and watch TV. I’ve got 2 sisters. My second sister got a baby in January 2012 his name is Illias. I’ve got 2dogs: a Malthezer and a Yorkshire Terriër. The Malthezer is called Kiara and she is 4 years old , she’s very sweet I love her! Just like I love my other dog Tiëtso he is 10 years old. They always sleep on my bed! I love to go out with my friends, I love my friends. My hobbies are going out, working at the airport, baking pie and cookies,. That’s me!